Western styled wedding in Cambodia

Angkor Wedding offers the opportunity to choose your ceremony venue, your decor, your menu and your entertainment according to your wishes and desires . You can mix it up a little and let go your imagination.This is a nice occasion to mix your own wedding traditions with the Khmer influences and culture.

You can choose the package among the list below and we will send our proposal within the next 24 hours.




Say yes facing the sea! The Cambodian beaches offer a postcard landscape with all its palm and banana trees and crystalline water. Imagine your entire ceremony on a beach upon sunset with the cool breeze of the sea. Why not celebrate your wedding feet in the sand!


Angkor Wat temple is one of the most beautiful world heritage site which has been the largest archaeological site in the world for a long time. Celebrate your wedding in this historical and symbolic Cambodian area.



Celebrate your wedding in a private luxurious villa with all the amenities needed, a swimming pool and a lot of rooms for your guests. We can have a complete team to your services in a private and luxury property. From the Chef to the bartender, every little detail will be thought!



Ever dreamed about a romantic and wonderful wedding in front of a waterfall? We can make it happen at Phnom Kulen waterfall. Not too far from Siem Reap, Phnom kulen is a wonderful site that will soothe your senses


The pagoda is part of the daily life in Cambodia. This is where Buddhist monks live. In addition, the pagoda is a beautiful place decorated by gold quivers and Buddhist religious paintings. Why not celebrate your ceremony in an atmosphere of peace and serenity while having the blessing of a monk.



Since this is your day and night and we are there to serve you, why not celebrate here in Cambodia the same type of wedding that you could have in your respective country. Any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!


Interested in the Cambodian culture?! Well, you have the opportunity to do something different and celebrate it in the real traditional Khmer way. After followed a few steps and having changed your dress a few times, the ceremony will be held under a huge tent decorated by authentic Cambodian flowers garlands. Same as in wedding in a Pagoda, you will have the chance to have the blessing of a Monk. A little advice, prepare yourself to dance!!



The food and the choice of the dishes is very important in a wedding. That’s why we let you the chance to choose within a large variety of menus. The first one is the Western food section. We do have a lot of foreigner’s Chefs in Cambodia to work with so it is easy for us to organize and arrange everything you need in terms of Western dishes. From some Canadian lobsters through foie gras, cheese or a good filet mignon, just ask and we will take care of it. For all the options below, the service can be both by plate (Table d’hote) or more like a buffet formula. A ” cocktail dinatoire ” is also an option.


Even if you decide to do your ceremony in a more ” Western ” way, you can still have the option of choosing a Khmer and traditional menu. We can have for you for your wedding night one of the best Cambodian Chef. Khmer food offers a large variety of fresh fishes, seafood, meat and a very good quality of local and particular ingredients, spices, herbs and fruits.


You are having problems to make a decision in terms on your menu? Why don’t you go with a safe option and choose to mix it a little. We can without any problem arrange a buffet with some western dishes and also Khmer dishes. Choosing that option will allow everyone to find something they like and at the same time, try something new if they want.



There are several music groups available in Cambodia formed by foreigners and locals. We can set and adjust all the repertoires according to your requests and wishes. From the 1960’s through the most actual songs list, we can personalize your evening in terms your music choices. Advice; you will be directly in contact with the band to facilitate the process of this aspect.


The Cambodian people just love to dance. To have a complete Khmer immersion during your evening, we can get you a Cambodian music group or a Khmer song list already prepared in advance. Perhaps, this might give you the opportunity to learn some Apsara moves and traditional Khmer dances. Apsara show is also an option while you are having dinner.



After enjoying a band or an Apsara show during your dinner, it’s time to dance and to enjoy the service of one of our DJ. Again, the songs and timing can be all prepared and organized according of your wishes and personal requests. All type of music you would like to have can be available.